Build your (brand) collections with us

Take Control and Build your Collection, using our skills and 25+ years experience:

Here is the system to build your collection:

Get the latest Trends & Colors in Home Textiles, as in the Color Concept by Astrid Davidse

See our how-to-videos (same website) for extra tips and tricks, and ask us if you have questions

Choose your favorite pattern/print designs, get access to our Design Database

Browse, select favorites or take options on designs, purchase the designs you like. Designs can be adapted to fit your products, some limited design changes are included

Let’s color your chosen designs in your favorite color harmonies

Easy to (re)color designs with our index color files (300dpi/tiff)

Put your new designs on your product images

Show your new designs on product mockups:

Take our step-by-step online training on how to make mockups look better and easier to handle. Or we can upgrade your mockups and give you a video tutorial on how to change designs in 30 seconds.

Make your own sales presentation

Create the most attractive sales brochures, using our presentation course, choose a template from our presentation collection, Insert your mock-up images in the templates

Or make your own template after you have done the course.

Contact us for the extensive information on the above system.

If you want us to create your collection, contact us for our Premium Service: e-mail to

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