Color Concept by Astrid Davidse:

Get instant inspiration from our interior and home images and see how the colors work in realistic home settings.
Upload the 9 color palettes to your design software and simply click and color.
Our proven Color Trend Tool, where you combine the colors that are on-trend with confidence. Within each color palette, you can't go wrong. Its easy and fun to experiment and work with.
Colors that sing together like a harmony, and curated to be loved by your customers.
AW 2022 2023

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What our clients say: 

Christa Lynam, Senior Design Manager, Textiles & Materials, Product Design Group, Hunter Douglas (Luxaflex), USA:

"We really enjoy getting the color forecast from Color Concept by Astrid Davidse. We use it in many ways. When we are doing color work on specific designs and textures it is a great place to get inspiration for color groupings."

"We love getting a fresh perspective from Astrid's Color Concept. We value the organization, and we talk about it with our internal and external clients. We want to stay on top of color and trend, so we purchase all the new directions as they come out."

Michael D'Agnese, Marketing Manager Design & License Programs, Comfortex (Albany, New York)

"One of the great things about working with Astrid is her well-rounded expertise as an artist, colorist and designer, which makes the process for developing unique and beautiful collections an easy one".

"We utilize the color concepts by finding similar colors in our Color Lux program that we can apply to our designs and create coordination stories and product ensembles with".

"As always the color groups look beautiful. There are some in the most recent group that stand out to me more than others such as Riverstone and Sudden Stillness. Not only do I like these specific collections because of my personal tastes, but they are more applicable to our industry and customer base".

Do you want quality home color inspiration, save time, and have more fun working with colors? Order at or email your order to us.
  • Twice a year, June and January, we publish a new Color Concept 
  • 9 double-sided full-color folders, each with 8 spot-on colors and inspiring images
  • The exact Pantone TCX color codes and names
  • Digital color swatches for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Nedgraphics

Making a better home collection in the right colors each season is hard work. Where to get the right inspiration and insights? There is an unbelievable information overload, online and offline.

Creative design work takes 1% inspiration (eureka!) and 99% transpiration to get the job done! This 1% is important, so working hard to become 'exposed' to the right inspiration sources takes time and energy.

I love to save you time and energy! So, you can focus on your main task: creating your designs with amazing inspiration. And with less stress and more fun!

Our Home Textile Color Concept tool is the result of extensive research and 20+ years’ experience in working with home textile colors. 

It’s the ultimate selection and combination of the colors that matter for next seasons home products. With enough colors to create very diverse colors and color combinations for all your products, but not so many colors that you get lost. Most clients collect them to create a color library, remaining valuable for years to come.

So, why are our Color Harmonies in the Color Concept Guide the right ones?

Some years ago, we noticed our clients were giving us loads of compliments for the colors we used in our print designs. I used to make color groups for internal use to prevent that my team spent too much time on research or kept using their all-time favorite colors. 

When we showed these colors to our clients, they wanted to buy these!

So now, with our twice-yearly drill to compose color groups, we seem to have found the formula to consistently select and use the right colors. And we are happy to share them with our clients.

When you see our color groups, you will simply recognize the right colors. You have seen the magazines, trend reports, and forecasts. You see what’s happening color-wise. And so, you will recognize the right colors when you see them. 

The Color Harmony effect

Not only do you get the 72 trend colors that matter, but we've also combined them, so they sing together in perfect harmony, no matter how you use them. Super inspiring to be able to make so many variations with your fantasy being the only barrier.

Oh, and did we tell you we also add digital Pantone color swatches? Well, we do because we want you to save even more time when you start coloring in Photoshop, Illustrator or NedGraphics! And having more fun at it too! 

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Have a colorful day,

Astrid Davidse

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